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College and Career Advising

College and Career Advising

The State of Idaho provides all public middle and high school students $4,125 to use for higher education courses, through Advanced Opportunities. Any student who has completed 6th grade is eligible to take an online class. Our general policy at Taylor’s Crossing is to have students take health as their first online class.  This course, in high school, is taken online as we do not have a high school health teacher. This course also allows our site coordinator, as well as other teachers, to see how well the student responds to online learning.  

Please keep in mind, if advanced opportunities money is used, the grade must be recorded on the student’s high school transcript. Many of the online courses have pre-requisites that must be met prior to signing up for the course. The student must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to take online classes, except for health.  Advanced opportunities also covers dual credit (DC) courses taught in school, those courses are available online through our online platform and directly through local colleges. There are many online DC courses to choose from. Some of the colleges we work with have GPA and/or age requirements. Keep this in mind when looking at courses.  


Taylor’s Crossing offers a variety of alternative courses that will assist your student in achieving their academic goals. Your student can graduate early or complete high school courses early to access available college courses. All these options are currently available to your student. Any incoming 7-12 students wanting to take an online course(s), or discuss the aforementioned, please contact the College and Career Advisor for online classes to arrange a meeting. Our College and Career Advisor can walk you through the process of creating a plan to help your child reach their academic goals. 

Please contact Niki Blanchard at for additional information or assistance.