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Taylor's Crossing Public Charter School is a tuition-free, K-12 Harbor School, grounded in the belief that when students are safe and the curriculum is highly challenging, accelerated learning takes place.

Mission Statement

By giving our students a firm foundation built on a core curriculum of mathematics, science, reading, writing and social studies, with an enhanced emphasis on American History and the Constitution, Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter School will guide our students across the bridge from childhood into adulthood.  The students will be prepared to accept challenges with the confidence, courage, and skills needed to achieve success.  In a highly challenging academic environment, which nurtures respect and care for all, our students will become people of integrity, vision and virtue.


Vision Statement

The vision of TCPCS is rooted in the belief that when there is a low threat and content is highly challenging, acceleration learning takes place. TCPCS will improve student learning by creating a low-threat environment and safe harbor. TCPCS will create this low-threat environment and safe harbor with the innovative Harbor character education curriculum that focuses on kindness and taps into each child’s innate need to know boundaries while protecting every child’s dignity.


Experience the Difference

Kindness, Respect, and High Expectations

Taylor's Crossing is a Harbor school that accepts students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Kindness and common courtesy are taught and expected from everyone involved in the educational process, from the administrator to the newest kindergarten student. Students are expected to include others, use please and thank you, and clean up after themselves.

As an Idaho charter school, Taylor's Crossing offers a free, public education from kindergarten through high school. From the minute you walk in the front door, however, it will be clear that you are not in any ordinary school. Being a Harbor school means that students walk in silent lines in the halls, classes are actively engaged in learning, students open doors for others, and common courtesy is the norm, not the exception.

To prepare students for the future they will inherit, Taylor's Crossing places increased emphasis on the US Constitution and the development of leadership skills. From the earliest grades, students are taught to be comfortable speaking in front of groups, performing skits and poetry, and actively participating in group learning. In this high-expectation, low-threat environment, students quickly become very comfortable in their own skin.

The Harbor Method looks at school as an extension of the family. As a team, Harbor educators, parents, and students work together to help each and every student reach their greatest potential.


Visitors welcome!
Come take a tour!

Taylor's Crossing is a Harbor school that accepts students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Kindness and common courtesy are taught and expected from everyone involved in the education. In fact, we're so proud of our operation, that each week we offer public tours of the school so you can see for yourself.

Public Tour Information