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The education of today’s children must be considered a team effort by both parents/guardians and teachers. Research shows that the most successful students are those who have regularly structured homework time. This parent/guardian-assisted practice serves a dual purpose. It allows the student extra practice to reinforce and advance the skills taught in school. It communicates to the child his/her priority in the parents/guardians life. This contact time develops more than academic skills; it develops a sense of self-value and builds memories.

The discipline of nightly homework creates a habit that will benefit the student throughout life.  It is our intent to require reasonable and constructive assignments that will encourage the student’s success in the classroom.  It is important that our parents/guardians share our beliefs about homework and will support us in this effort.  Establishing a time and place for homework will help to develop a habit and assure that the homework gets completed.  Daily homework requirements vary from grade level to grade level.  Please check with your student’s teacher to see what his/her expectations are regarding homework.

We view parental/guardian support in the homework area as encouragement, setting a homework time and following through to ensure that the work is completed.  Finally, to do well in school, your child must be present, on time, healthy, rested and attentive.  Please encourage your child to complete the homework given each day by finding a quiet place for them to work and by checking to make sure the homework is completed.