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NOTE:  Effective 1/13/2021, Regular Scheduled Board Meetings will change to the second Thursday of each month.  Board meetings are typically held at Taylor's Crossing Public Charter School, room 12, at 7:30 p.m.


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Currently, there is 1 opening on the Board

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2020-21 Agendas

2020-21 Documents

04-08-2021 Meeting Documents

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2020-2021 Minutes

04-08-2021 Minutes Work Session
04-08-2021 Minutes Regular Session

03-11-2021 Minutes Work Session
03-11-2021 Minutes Regular Session

02-11-2021 Minutes Work Session
02-11-2021 Minutes Regular Session

01-13-2021 Minutes Work Session
01-13-2021 Minutes Regular Session

12-09-2020 Minutes Work Session
12-09-2020 Minutes Regular Session

11-11-2020 Minutes Work Session
11-11-2020 Minutes Regular Session

10-14-2020 Minutes Work Session
10-14-2020 Minutes Regular Session

09-11-2020 Minutes Special Session
09-09-2020 Minutes Work Session
09-09-2020 Minutes Regular Session

08-12-2020 Minutes Work Session
08-12-2020 Minutes Regular Session

07-29-2020 Minutes Special Session
07-08-2020 Minutes Work Session
07-08-2020 Minutes Regular Session

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Jennifer Sewell
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Renae Sterzick
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