Last Updated: 4/22/2021 4:13 PM

All LOST and FOUND items have been placed in the GYM next to the Book Fair.  Please have your students check for their lost items.  Any items remaining on Friday, April 22, 2021 will be donated to a charitable organization.

This page will be updated as new items are added to our Lost and Found
PLEASE help us get lost items back to  your student, write their name on all items

NOTE:  There have been several keys and some jewelry turned into the office.  If your student is missing keys or jewelry, please check with the office

Coat Coat Coat Hoodie jacket

Coat Coat Jacket Zip up hoodie Zip up hoodie

Blue T-Shirt Zip up Hoodie Grey sweat pants Grey zip up jacket Blue Hoodie

shorts shorts Grey with yellow coat Ski Pants Teal hoodie

Teal zip up Hoodie Water bottles Cup found on bus 2 Scarf and caps Masks

gloves Lunch boxes Cross and watch crazy key chain charging cord found on playground

Gloves, socks, boots, cups, caps, masks, cable

Hoodie Camo Pencil Case Reversible jacket Single Shoe