Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the Taylor’s Crossing Public Charter Schools new website.

Located in Idaho Falls, Taylor’s Crossing is one of the top charter schools in Idaho, with a strong track record of academic achievement, growth, and character education. We are proud to share with you our accomplishments and the value we bring to the Idaho Falls community and hope you will consider our school as a viable choice to help your student reach their academic goals.

A great education is the cornerstone of all communities and society. TCPCS is founded on the Harbor Method of school with an enhanced emphasis on American History and the Constitution. We encourage students to be confident, courageous and develop the skills that will help them achieve great heights. We believe that “when there is a low threat and content is highly challenging, accelerated learning takes place”. Families are choosing Taylor’s Crossing because of these foundational principles and the service and compassion with which it is provided.

Our community and school also understand that academic achievement begins with high-quality teachers in the classroom.  We are able to retain our highly qualified teachers because they are passionate about Harbor philosophies and how that helps students learn. Our teachers understand how to create a highly challenging academic environment and challenge our students to achieve their best.

We believe that success in schools goes beyond test scores, and that is why we work closely with our staff and parents to provide an environment that is centered on the individual needs of every student. TCPCS offers an atmosphere where all our teachers and staff know our students personally, by name, and work diligently to help them obtain their academic, social and emotional needs. It is a family!!!

Our school is in the process of working to expand all the programs and opportunities we can. We offer some athletic opportunities, drama, book-club as well as supporting after school reading opportunities for our elementary students. In general, we are building a place where students can come and achieve a high level of academics while also being allowed to participate in outside activities that will increase their knowledge and understand principles that will strengthen them and prepare them for leadership and citizenship roles in the future.

We invite you to come tour the school, look around, ask questions and be involved in a family-based atmosphere that is respectful and expects the highest standards of not only academics, but behavior and respect. I look forward to working with everyone to continue to build TCPCS into a great atmosphere of learning and acceptance.

Seth H. Boyle
Administrator/Athletic Director


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