Science Fair
How does dry ice react to water? Elephant's Toothpaste vs Backing Soda Volcano Rot - Before and After Rot - Before and After Lemon Volcanoes Crystal Egg Geodes Which Salt Grows Better Crystals? Coke Explosions What Material Makes the Best Whirly-Bird? How Does Smell Affect Taste? The Jell-o Experiment Which Storage Bag has what it takes? ? Growing Crystals Moldy Hamburgers The Mentos Bomb What is your favorite Drink? Kefir Water What should you fill your cooler with? From Moon Buggy to Speed Buggy The Naked Egg Effect Salt Crystals Which one sucks the most Going the Distance! Flower Dyeing The Hot Wheels Loop of Death experiment Molecular Building Blocks Quick Sand - How - Why Gravity Light Crystals Waterlogged Candy Stealthy Shapes What Cleans Pennies the Best? Which Candle Burns Faster? How can you eat when you have no teeth Light Refraction Don't cry over spilled oil Flashlight Heat